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Perrelet Turbine replica watches

Hot Replica Perrelet A3027/1 Wind turbine Watch


Brand: Perrelet

Range: Turbine

Model: A3027/1

Gender: Mens

Case material: Rose Gold

Bracelet material: Rubber

Crystal: Sapphire

Dial Color: Black

Movement: Self winding

Case size: 50 mm

Dial type: Black Persia

Water resistance: 50m

Features: Hours, Minutes, Seconds

History of the top ten technical breakthrough mechanical watches

Most of the watches that are produced today are almost impossible to talk about art, but they all inherit a part of the historical horological industry tradition. One of the reasons many collectors like to collect antique watches is because they represent important technological breakthroughs or innovative features at the time (now we are used to it). Today, we-took everyone to feel the history from the top ten technical breakthrough mechanised watches. By the 1920s, consumers had accepted practical timepieces, and pocket watch sales had begun to drop dramatically. By 1930, the ratio of watches to pocket watches was about 50: 1 .

In the past 100 years, physical watches have undergone many changes, and even seem to be close to demise. Let's take a look at the history of mechanical watches and the technological milestones of its development.


The chronograph today is the most commonly used complex feature (except for the date) and its use extends from simple boiled eggs to helping the ship fly home safely. Jacob & Co. replica watches

The history of the chronograph, which was actually rewritten recently, was just discovered by Louis Moinet inventing the chronograph in 1816, but it was not until a century later that it really wore the watch.

Longines made the first chronograph in 1913 - single button wathe with a diameter of 29 mm, a timing accuracy of 1/5 seconds, and a 13. 33Z movement inside - this is the Longine 13ZN movement. The pioneer, 13ZN released in 1936, is another milestone: the first flyback chronograph.

By the way, if you are interested in Longine's first chronograph, you can follow the limited edition anniversary version of their 2012 Basel Watch Fair, which is a faithful replica. The actual is that this time the ETA movement was used instead of the self-produced movement.

Breitling also invented the first mechanical chronograph within 1915. Gaston Breitling wonderfully came up with the idea of separating the timing function from the crown with a single button to control the timing start and stop function. The system was further refined in 1923 to separate the reset function from the start/stop function.

The Universal Geneve also showed interest in timing functions, the first timepiece in 1917, and the very first hourly chronograph in 1936.
The innovations of these early chronographs paved the way for future chronograph movements, such as the Valjoux 7750 calibre in most of today's mechanical chronograph

Waterproof watch

“We have to seal enough on the case to make our movements permanently protected from dust, perspiration, water, heat and cold. Only in this way, Rolex Rolex watches can guarantee perfect precision!

“The founder of Rolex is the words that Hans Welstdorf wrote in order to his assistants in the early days of the development of the Iwc Oyster watch.

The main difficulty encountered in Rolex's “anti-seepage” watches is the prevention associated with water and dust entering the actual crown. But in 1925 two Swiss watchmakers, Bupa as well as George Peret registered the particular patent for the new Crown Locking System, Willsdorf, and also understood the importance of the system along with immediately purchased the patent. Rolex developed the waterproof case technology based on a modified version of the overhead locking system. In 1926, it applied for a British obvious, named Oyster---this is because the purpose is to seal the case like an oyster. Oyster covers are common.

By the way, one of the motivations of Rolex Rolex to be able to invent the self-winding movement is that they want to create a more sealed and impervious watch. Because although the enamel case is impervious to water and dust, if the hand with the chain, the owner forgets for you to tighten the crown. After a while, dust and water can still enter, and the self-winding motion can solve this problem.

Panerai wanted to prove the water resistance of the and finally achieved this: in 1927, the young British swimmer Mercedes Gleitze wore a Rolex Oyster watch for 10 hours to complete the huge challenge of bridging the English Channel, which clearly proved The water-resistant performance of the Rolex view was successful. Until the 1950s, Rolex used this event to promote watches, and to give their authorized dealer fish tanks in their own window to show off the waterproofness of their watches.

Tissot Omega also introduced a water-proof watch in 1932. To prevent infringing Rolex's patented lock crown, they named the entire watch in another shell as the ocean, as the first diver's watch. In 1936, it was taken to the depth regarding 73 meters of Lake Geneva for 30 minutes. In the second year, it was certified by the Swiss Advanced Horological industry Laboratory in Neuchâtel, with a depth of 135 meters. bell and ross replica

The Omega Ocean enjoy was favored by William Bibby, who took a “Bathysphere” in 1934 and dive to a depth of 3, 028 feet. Bibby also developed helmet diving. In 1936, the helmet dive wore the Omega Ocean Watch. He later reported, "I wear my Omega Ocean in the Pacific Ocean at a depth of 14 meters. The pressure here is twice normal. My watch has maintained this test successfully, and its sealing performance is water-proof, dustproof and corrosion resistant, which represents a real improvement in watchmaking science.

Cartier and Omega subsequently developed their dive watch into the Rolex Sea-made Rolex Seadweller and the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean.

Shockproof watch

Legend has it that at a party, Mr. Breguet, in order to attract attention, threw his new watch on the floor, causing an uproar. In the era involving Mr. Bao Wei, this will usually lead to damage to this timepiece, but thanks to the “parachute” anti-shock mechanism invented by Baoji, the pocket see function remains normal.

Physical shock may be its biggest enemy due to inherent fragility and precise tolerances connected with mechanical watches. The hairspring assembly is the most vulnerable part. Your mechanical watch may be able to withstand all other forms of abuse, but drop it onto the bathroom floor and you may receive an expensive maintenance bill.

Nowadays, the watch has anti-shock ISO standards, but it was not until the 1920s and 1930s that the shockproof mechanism of wrist watches began to be studied. One of them is also the first and most famous is the Ingabitian anti-shock device system, the mechanism is similar to typically the Breguet solution. Other anti-seismic methods have also been developed. In 1920, Wyler Geneve developed the Incaflex balance wheel that was protected by 2 curved elastic arms along its diameter to absorb any impact.

Welch watches have earned a reputation for being tough and durable. They have created a promotional gimmick for their high-quality landmarks in order to improve their reputation: In 1956, two Wyler Incaflex watches were properly removed from the 300-meter Eiffel Tower. Similarly, in 62, six Wyler Incaflex designer watches dropped from the Seattle Tower with the same results.RICHARD MILLE Felipe Massa replica

It is still the most common because of the anti-shock device. The watch's anti-vibration mechanism was promoted over time, and the gossamer drift in the 1950s became one of the most common faults in wristwatches. The patent for the Gabriel anti-shock device did not protect its design, resulting in many other similar systems being created. More well-known are KIF suspension, Seiko's "Diashoc" suspension, and Citizen's "Parashoc" pause system.

Rolex later produced the Paraflex suspension program, which claims to be half more impact resistant than conventional shock absorbers, made of tantalum, zirconium and oxygen alloys, with 10 times more impact resistant hairspring than "traditional" springs. Swatch also designed a series of shock absorbers called "Nivachoc", which is said to be more accurate after oscillating repositioning. It was first used in the 2006 Breguet watch.

The most recent progress the suspension system was in 2007 with the "Innovision" observe from Athens, which was used to create a new shock absorption method due to its superior elasticity in addition to dry friction properties.fake watches


Self-winding "automatic" watch

In 1770, Burtley created the first self-winding mechanism, but it was not until 1923 which British watchmaker John Harwood applied for an invention patent with regard to his watch automatic turning mechanism.

Using a rotating turret gun that hits the spring 300 degrees (the wearer can feel the swing), this is commonly known as the turret. The watch is only 12 hours running completely on the string. At this time, the time can only be set with the bezel, because there is no rotating ratchet at that time. With financial support he continues to produce thousands of watches with brand new inventions, but unfortunately, due to the British recession in the nineteen twenties and 1930s, Harwood went bankrupt and dissolved in the year 1931, allowing other companies to use the design.

Emile Bore, head in the R&D department at Rolex submariner Bill, further developed Harwood's design and developed often the Rolex movement's 620-inch constant-action core. An important modification is that the rotor can be rotated in a complete circle in both directions. This not only increases the energy stored on the watch's foot chain for 35 hours, but also makes it feel good to wear. This is the world's 1st truly practical and long lasting self-winding watch, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watch, that we are now very familiar with.

The advantage of the newly developed automatic movements of the oyster shell could be that the current watch does not require manual winding every day, and also the crown is only used to set the time, which means that the water resistant seal of the crown is rarely disturbed ( This timepiece owner often forgets to help tighten).

In 1935, Mister Malcolm Campbell wore the Rolex Oyster Perpetual View to break the world record regarding land speed at 300 mph. "The Rolex view I wore when I broke the record yesterday is still working fine, even though I am rude. Treat it, " he wrote. indeed. Campbell became the first male sports spokesperson for Rolex.

Flight navigation watch

In 1919, three planes attempted to fly through Newfoundland to London, and they only one person did it. It is precisely this kind of tragedy that one on the founders of modern navigation, US Navy captain Philippe Weems began to focus on improving flight navigation methods.

Because it is impossible to use the same method of navigational navigation, Weems set out to develop new navigation technologies and tools.
Timing accuracy is a rare retraction, but precise time reading is critical because in high-speed and long-haul flights, deviations of a few strokes can be catastrophic.

To solve this problem, Weems came up with a clever solution: set the watch in the second hand. Since there is no watch to adjust the second hand, Weems' solution is to regulate the dial for the second-hand. To achieve this goal, he a new movable dial labeled 1 minute, allowing the navigator to read the truly accurate time.replica hublot watches

Within the second part of the "Weems System", the modified sextant is used when the horizon is not visible. Pilots in the 1920s as well as 1930s are now able to navigate using the Weems system with greater precision and lower risk of flying.

This is the Longines participation in aviation - they were the official ones of the initial solo flight across the Atlantic inside 1927 - this led to the collaboration with the famous pilot Charles Lindberg to create the Hour Angle enjoy, which evolved from the Weems system.

Lin Bai wants to take the idea of the Weims flight navigation table one step further. He is worried about the problem of determining the bearing of the aircraft during the trip, and proposed that the see also gives you the "time angle" of the minutes and also minutes, so that you can easily calculate the longitude. Lindberg is so convinced that his ideas will be very valuable, and he even provided sketches to Longines. Longines is passionate about this particular and applied for a particular for the Longines angle along with rotating bezel in October 1931.

The first version features a hand-wound pocket watch activity and an extra-long leather strap so that it can be worn on a thick flight jacket with an oversized crown for easy glove-up. In 1938, Longines released a second improved version. Following the introduction, until the intervention of World War 2, Lindberg designed some fresh aviation world record settings to play an important role.

The actual Weems Second Setting Enjoy and the Lindbergh Angle Hour Watch are all milestones in the development of pilot watches and as important navigation aids till they are replaced by electronic navigation devices. Longines now produces replicas of these a couple of watches.Urwerk replica watches


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