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There is a beautiful legend. There is a footless bird in the sky Discount Cigarettes Free Shipping. It can only flap its wings and keep flying Carton Of Newport 100S. Only when it dies, its feet will land. However, it is only a legend, but it has a kind of silent beauty. In real life, is there such a person? After a lifetime of wandering, until the death, the body stops, buried in the deep soil, people have different plans for life, some people yearn for ease, some people yearn for freedom, some people are Some sparrows in the forest, some are migratory geese, some people are friends in the circle of swan without feet. There is such a boy in the circle for almost a whole year Marlboro Red Cigarettes, running all over the country, where there is a marathon, there is His figure. He has been swaying in major cities, becoming a footless swan, flying constantly, as if there is no home, no work, it is really curious to keep wandering, where is his economic source, can live so free. We always think that travel requires a lot of money. In fact, "poor travel" is really cheap. As long as you want to go, everything is the way. As long as you draw the ground to prison, heaven is also hell, we are always unwilling to be mediocre, always want to make a difference, but as we grow older, we find ourselves becoming a replica of an old employee of the company. Seeing this, I was somewhat disappointed. The future I expected was actually like this. Repenting at the beginning, I couldn��t give myself a hand, which led to the short-lived outcome of today��s ending, and it��s getting old in a blink of an eye. How many people still remember the dreams of young people, how many people still remember the promises made to the future Cheap Newport Cigarettes, perhaps these beautiful expectations, have long been turned into oil and salt sauce vinegar tea, disappeared in the temper of timeless feetless swan, still Flying vigorously, the little sparrow in reality has become a sly old sparrow Newport Cigarette. Life is like a dream. Every road is the result of your choice. The sparrows in the bamboo forest are also looking forward to the life of the footless swan. But after all, it did not dare to abandon their feet and push their future into the clear sky.

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