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Ohio State hosts Michigan Saturday in 2018’s Game of the Century of the Year. (It had looked like Alabama-LSU would take that mantle. It did not live up to it.) Both were in varying degrees of trouble against lesser teams in Week 12 Authentic Takkarist McKinley Jersey , with Ohio State needing so much luck to beat Maryland in overtime and Michigan messing around for a while before pulling away from Indiana. But both won, and this game’s as big as ever. Like every Michigan-Ohio State meeting, this one has enough subtext to fill a book. The winner wins the Big Ten East (as is typical) and will be heavily favored in the conference title game (ditto), where a Playoff berth will be within reach (same). It’s a massive even without its many interpersonal subplots, like the Wolverines visiting Columbus for the first time since The Spot and the first time since Urban Meyer maybe taunted Jim Harbaugh via milk. Everyone involved has a great opportunity. But Michigan has lots of opportunities. A win at the Horseshoe would extinguish a lot of popular narratives about Jim Harbaugh’s program, or at least go a long way toward it. Narrative: Michigan (and Harbaugh) can’t beat Ohio StateI feel like I’m pushing the contextual limits of the word “narrative” here, because it’s often used to describe conventional wisdom the user doesn’t think is grounded in reality. Well, this one is absolutely grounded in reality. Michigan’s lost 13 of 14 in this series, which has come to resemble a “rivalry” between a grizzly bear and a salmon. Ohio State’s six wins in a row cover Harbaugh’s three-plus-year tenure. The narrative here is true: Ohio State has claimed total and complete ownership of Michigan over the years. One game wouldn’t erase all that history, but it would remove the word “can’t” from the equation for this era of Michigan football. Narrative: Michigan can’t win big games on the road. This one took a bit of a hit earlier this year. Michigan had lost 17 road games in a row against ranked teams, a run that started at Troy Smith’s Ohio State in 2006 and ran until a win at Michigan State a few weeks ago. Beating MSU, despite a lot of stars seeming to align for a stupid Spartan upset, was a big deal. That’s not the same as winning a game like this one, though. Michigan State might well not even finish the season ranked. No one ever knows if the Spartans are great or terrible, probably least of all the Spartans themselves. This would be the road win to fully put to bed any notion that Harbaugh’s Wolverines can’t come through in tough environments. Narrative: Harbaugh can’t even finish in the top two in his division.Michigan’s Big Ten East finishes under Harbaugh so far: third, third, and fourth, just a small notch above the division’s Indianas and Marylands. This is mainly a funny thing to point out on the internet, because it’s not like finishing in second instead of third would do anything at all to placate Michigan fans. Good news: This one gets dealt with win or lose. Michigan can’t finish worse than second in the East. The bad news: No Michigan fans will think that’s a cool consolation. Narrative: Harbaugh’s just not a big-game coach, period. It’s persisted in some corners, because Harbaugh’s never won The Game at Michigan and didn’t win The Big Game for the 49ers. You can say he made it to a Super Bowl, and your anti-Harbaugh friend will tell you he lost that Super Bowl to his brother and should’ve told Alex Smith not to try Richard Sherman in the end zone that one time in Seattle. Only four active FBS head coaches have ever won a national title, so saddling anyone who hasn’t as a big-game loser isn’t fair. Harbaugh’s Stanford also beat the snot out of Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl at the end of the 2010 season , and that was reasonably big. But this would be Harbaugh’s biggest win as a college coach, and arguably his biggest win at any level, depending on your view of his NFC Championship win over the Falcons in 2012. Narrative: Harbaugh can’t win rivalry games.This tag has little to support it beyond three losses to Ohio State. He’s had his teams plenty competitive against Michigan State and Penn State and would’ve beaten OSU in 2016 if officials had ruled J.T. Barrett down a centimeter short of where they did on a fourth down.Harbaugh’s Stanford beat USC three out of four times, including making Pete Carroll furious during one of the biggest upsets ever. While he was in Palo Alto, Harbaugh also beat Notre Dame and Cal two times apiece out of four. He did lose to Carroll’s Seahawks in the Sherman/Michael Crabtree game in January 2014, and maybe that’s stuck a bit, because it’s one of the most remembered NFL games of this decade. These sentiments have attached themselves to Harbaugh to varying degrees, with varying levels of fairness. This is his chance to blow away all of them. Or they could persist for another year, and maybe for eternity. Because if the Wolverines can’t beat this drab-looking Buckeyes team, when can Michigan win? We’ll see. 2017 was a magical season for the Eagles. They won the Super Bowl with a back up quarterback who also was named the game’s MVP. Think about that for a second. We see backup quarterbacks littered around the NFL who can barely keep an offense functional. Nick Foles was out here leading his team to a 41-33 win. The Eagles lost their left tackle, middle linebacker, special teams ace and their scat running back to injury, and none of it bothered Foles. They kept ticking along. To sum up their 2017 season — “Everything went right”It’s a different story for the 2018 Eagles, who enter Week 10 at 4-4. The law of averages is catching up with them. It’s hard to pinpoint just one or two reasons why they aren’t as good this season, but I’ll try. The Eagles on offense are ranked 21st by Football Outsiders DVOA. Last season they were eighth on the back of an outstanding run game. Last season they averaged 4.47 yards on the ground per rush, were eighth on third downs and first in the red zone. This season they average 4.1 per rushing attempt, are 13th on third down and 18th in the red zone. Small changes in the offense are adding up to bigger issues on the whole. So where do these issues get fixed? I think we are seeing the Eagles slowly work it out. The offenseFoles started the season at quarterback but wasn’t the same player we saw in the NFC championship game or the Super Bowl. No surprise there. All offseason, I said that Foles is a back up quarterback; that’s his ceiling. There’s a reason for that. And he played like a backup to start the year. Despite the Eagles record, Carson Wentz has actually played better than last season. He’s completing 70 percent of passes and has a higher passer rating (101.9 to 109.6). His yards per attempt are up (8.7), but his yards per completions are down a bit (11.2). He seems to get stronger each week.Another difference between this year and last is the pass protection. Last season the Eagles gave up 32 sacks in 16 games. This season it’s already 26. I covered the offensive line woes more in depth for this article I did for the Athletic earlier this week. In short, shit happens. It’s a whole bunch of random issues that are leading to more sacks. It’s not one thing or another where I can say “fix this and it will be ok.” It’s random stuff like defenses calling the right call, running backs getting confused, lineman tripping Womens Brandon Fusco Jersey , etc. The law of averages is real. The run game has also taken a step back, no surprise. They’ve had too many injuries at that position. Injuries on the offensive line. Teams were loading the box early in the season, not scared of Foles. Now, Lane Johnson is banged up, and Jason Peters has a torn bicep. Their backup isn’t quite the same player. They’ve been rotating at left guard too. It’s just not going like planned.The defenseLet’s turn our attention to defense. Last season, wow! It was awesome, right? Second in rushing defense, eighth in pass defense. Their defensive line was getting after the quarterback. But remember this, it’s easier to rush the passer when you’re up 17 in the fourth quarter and opponents have to throw. It’s not quite the same this season. When these games are closer, it’s been easy to see some mismatches in the Eagles secondary that might have been masked by the pass rush last season. Also what’s odd about the numbers for the Eagles rushing defense is their overall raw numbers don’t add up with the advanced stats. The reason I like using DVOA is that it measures how successful each rep was. For example, if the goal was getting 4 yards on first down and you rush for 3, that’s not a successful play. If it was third-and-1 and you got 3, that’s a successful play. Not all 3 yard runs are the same. That’s the simplest way I can explain it. The Eagles are second in rushing yards per game, but 23rd in rushing DVOA. So teams are moving the ball on the ground against them, but those teams are choosing to throw it anyway. I do wonder if that trend will change moving forward.Where do the Eagles go from here? This was a fabulous time for a bye, right in the middle of the season. It gave them time to get healthy and do a full audit of the team. We’ve seen Doug Pederson and his staff to use this time wisely in the past, and I believe they’ll have a renewed game plan and focus moving forward. Also, they play in a bad division this season. The Cowboys stink, and stink even more on the road. Washington has been up and down. The Giants, well, they are the Giants. I think the Eagles win the NFC East and have a showdown with the Panthers in the Wild Card Round as the fourth seed. Everything will be alright in Philly.

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