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After Falcons safety Damontae Kazee drilled

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Panthers quarterback Cam Newton in the head while Newton was sliding Atlanta Falcons Hats , Panthers receiver Torrey Smith retaliated by pushing Kazee. The NFL fined both Smith and Kazee an equal amount.Smith thinks that’s ridiculous, and said so on Twitter.“How is the shoving fine equal to the actual hit? That crazy,” Smith wrote.Smith compared his $10,026 fine to being forced to pay bail after you’re arrested.“If you aren familiar with the cash bail system it just like the NFL in this situation. Someone pulls a random number out of their behind with no real reason for it and you have to deal with it,” Smith wrote.That comparison might be a bit of a stretch, but it’s easy to see why Smith thinks the punishment didn’t fit the crime here: What Kazee did was a textbook example of the kind of hit the NFL is trying to take out of the game. What Smith did was a fairly ordinary reaction to seeing a teammate take a cheap shot. Smith shouldn’t have retaliated, but the NFL thinking both penalties deserved equal punishment is odd. Knicks head coach David Fizdale finally gave an update on the health of his star player, Kristaps Porzingis, after the 7’3 big tore his ACL in February. He said Porzingis is “still jogging and doing light rehab,” according to ESPN’s Ian Begley, but he hadn’t started sprinting. That sounded the alarm for panic among Knicks fans and writers, as Fizdale was still unable to offer a timetable for his return.Porzingis used Instagram to tell a different story Atlanta Falcons Womens Hoodie , as he posted pictures of himself running along with a UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov meme that reads: “this is number one bullshit.” A day later, Fizdale took responsibility for his gaffe.But does it really matter if Porzingis is sprinting or not? As SB Nation’s Knicks site Posting and Toasting wrote:Whether Porzingis is 60 percent healthy or 95 percent healthy is beside the point, as long as he suffers no setbacks. He should rest for as long as he needs this year, and then some. Take a nap, play some video games, do nothing, Kristaps.Anyone who watched Duke’s season opener against Kentucky knows why.The Knicks are finally tanking right. Playing Porzingis will only hurt that.The Knicks stink, but they’re taking the right steps to recovery for the first time in a while. Minutes are prevalent for youngsters Frank Ntilikina, Mitchell Robinson, Kevin Knox, and surprise undrafted guard Alonzo Trier, and New York is losing. Those truths are the keys for any Process-esque rebuild.The kids are getting run and a chance to learn and improve Womens Customized Atlanta Falcons Jerseys , all the while losing to ensure another piece to the puzzle will be attainable in the next draft, even if the odds of the worst teams getting the top pick have flattened with lottery reform. An injured Porzingis is almost like a cheat code. The Knicks aren’t as bad as they appear — their best player isn’t playing! But his absence in the team’s lineup doesn’t hurt their chances at a top pick. All loses are equal.Without Porzingis, the Knicks have the blessing of a trial and error season to see who is a long-term fit and who is replaceable, all while stockpiling losses for the opportunity to draft the Next Best Thing.Zion Williamson and R.J. Barrett look like future starsThat’s Grayson Boucher, better known as “The Professor,” on the rise of the AND1 mixtape. Read SB Nation’s feature about the evolution of one of basketball’s signature subcultures, from the early days to Zion Williamson mania.It’s extremely early, but Duke has a pair of wings who fit the description of a current NBA star. Williamson and Barrett are polar opposite 6’7 slashers, and either could fit perfectly beside Ntilikina, Knox, and Porzingis, the team’s highest current draft picks.Williamson is a 285-pound unicorn in his own sense , with the power to bully defenders into the paint and a newfound ability to shoot from deep. His defensive versatility screams a bigger, tougher Draymond Green with way better leap.Barrett might be the best scorer in his class, with a sweet stroke from distance and the ability to take defenders off the dribble. He’s quick, can handle the ball, and is the favorite to go No. 1.A full breakdown of what both do well can be found here. (Go ahead and look at these highlights, Knicks fans.)So tank away, and sleep tight, KristapsRushing Porzingis back does nothing but risk his health and adds wins to the column in a year you don’t want them. Even with the NBA adjusting draft lottery probabilities so the bottom-three teams all have the same chances at the top pick, it still rewards losing. So keep at it!So stack up those “Ls,” New York. And if you do it right, this might be the last time.

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