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Every week , stats for the Colts performance relative to the league. Thanks to Pro Football Reference, and the nflSCrapR project for being awesome sources of weekly data.Before discussing the Colts Week 5 offense, I want to address the new roughing the quarterback rule the NFL instituted to make the game safer. A lot of fans are upset with this rule, but I think if you look at the examples from The Colts-Patriots game below, it will help explain the NFL’s position. In the image on the left, the Colts’ Najee Good dangerously manhandles Tom Brady by rushing straight at him and then with the full weight of his hand, places his palm directly on the side of Brady’s helmet.A play like this could easily lead to a QB chafing a cheek or even an eye poke. Additionally, to avoid contact, Goode contorted his body and landed awkwardly on his hip which is unsafe and fully deserving of a 15 yard tack-on.Now in the image on the right, you can see 2 Patriot defenders demonstrating the proper technique. They both leave their feet and come crashing down on Andrew Luck. Notice how they wisely placed all of their body weight directly over Luck allowing Luck’s rib cage and skull to gently cushion the force of their 1鈦? ton mass in free fall.This is much safer for the defenders and correctly resulted in no penalty. Also, this is not lowering the head and leading with the helmet because reasons. OFFENSEIn week 5, the Colts offense was limited to 2 field goal attempts on 6 drives in the first half for 3 points and a putrid 57% DSR.In the second half, Luck and the offense responded with 21 points and an outstanding DSR of 82%.Let me do the math: 1 half of horrible + 1 half of great = 1 game of mehAn overall 72% game DSR is good but the last drive should be discounted as the game was already over and if you take that away then the rest of the game was just a league average 68% DSR. It’s not that the Colts couldn’t move the ball. There were only 2 three & outs, but turnovers killed 3 additional drives.TEAM TOTALSOverall, the numbers aren’t bad. The third down yards to go was a little steep (7.4), but the offense still managed to convert those at a high rate (47% vs 38% league average).Really the only black mark is the turnovers, which killed an otherwise decent effort.PASSINGLast week , I mentioned how I hate to talk about receiver drops, but I also don’t like complaining about officiating and I already did that so, what the hell.The receiver drops are getting pretty ree-god-damn-diculous. With a dozen over the last two weeks, that is an elephant in the room problem that must be addressed. Luck’s ANY/A was a not very good 5.4, driven somewhat by stone-handed receivers but primarily by 2 picks, one of which was not at all his fault and another that was so much his fault that it should count twice.I have been keeping an eye on the depth of attempted passes (aDOT) which for the Colts’ first 3 weeks was laughable, but in week 4 was much improved. There is no ‘right’ number for aDOT; longer attempts aren’t necessarily better (unless you are really good at completing them).Week 5 saw a continued effort to stretch the field a bit and if you want success with a dink and dunk offense, this is the kind of depth you need. Notice, however, that the week 5 yards per attempt dropped significantly. This is due to a much lower yards after catch than normal. This could be the result of injuries to primary receiving targets, but week 3 saw a similar result so maybe not.Whatever the cause, the YPA needs to improve. RUSHINGThe Colts ran the ball more in week 5, but they didn’t run it any better. YPC increased from 2.4 last week to 4.0 this week but that impact didn’t carry over to increased success as the weighted success rate only ticked up 4 points to about 31%. That ranks 20th which is just one spot higher than last week’s 21st ranking. The Colts only attempted 1 third down conversion by run, which was successful. That isn’t good or bad in and of itself. But you certainly would like to see a game with lot of 3rd and shorts resulting in a lot of 3rd down run conversions. CONCLUSIONSI think without the receiver drops and the 3 turnovers, this would have been a much different game.The offense was showing that they could move the ball on the Patriots but the Colts kept getting in their own way. If the offense can clean up these mental errors, they have the ability to be truly good.As it is now, they are not. SEASON TOTALS (per game)Colts News: Angry Estonian Margus Hunt explains his production Margus Hunt explains why he’s improbably become the Colts’ most productive defensive lineman – The AthleticFrom special-teams mainstay to the Colts best defensive end Cheap Chester Rogers Jersey , Margus Hunt explains his rise in 2018.Colts Notebook: No More Shoulder Questions For Andrew Luck | 1070 the FanOn Wednesday, the Colts were back to practice as they prepare for the defending Super Bowl Champions. What was learned from the Colts’ first practice of Week Three?Tour de Force: Colts' 'Maniac' earns AFC honor after breakout performance | Sports | heraldbulletin.comChris Ballard knew there was something special about Darius Leonard early in the draft process.GM Chris Ballard, Colts saw Darius Leonard’s potential from the outset | CBS 4 - Indianapolis News, Weather, Traffic and Sports | WTTVINDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Darius Leonard is taking the NFL by storm, but it’s a storm the Indianapolis Colts saw coming. The latest gale hit Wednesday when Leonard became just the fourth Colts’ rookie to be named AFC Defensive Player of the Week.Colts Notebook: Third-down success ranks as offense's early highlight | Sports | heraldbulletin.comFor all its innovation and inspiration, Frank Reich's offense remains a work in progress in Indianapolis.Hard To Predict Colts Running Back Reps In 2018 | 1070 the FanWith the return of Marlon Mack, the Colts have a crowded backfield with 3 lead guys carrying that balanced load.Colts Quick Scouting Report: Week 3 Vs. Philadelphia EaglesThe Indianapolis Colts go on the road for the second consecutive game in Week 3 as they take on the defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles.Colts’ notebook: Frank Reich aspired to be a head coach, and Philly experience helped | FOX59INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The itch was there in 2006, when Frank Reich first dipped his toe in the NFL’s coaching pool. Brought in by the Indianapolis Colts as an intern following a 14-year playing career and 7-year hiatus during which he focused on his family and obtaining his Master of Divinity de...Where Do The Colts Rank? Week 3 (2018)Take a weekly look at where the standout Indianapolis Colts units and individual players rank among their AFC and NFL peers heading into Week 3 of the 2018 season.Vontae Davis, in his own wordsFor the first time since his abrupt in-game retirement, former Buffalo Bills cornerback Vontae Davis speaks out about the moment he changed his life. “I went to鈥OLTS MEDIA

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